Welcome to Emma-ly

Euphorium Partner & Provider Portal
(previously known as "Emma’s Brain")

What is Emma-ly?

Emma-ly is Euphorium's new online portal for suppliers, providers, volunteers and partners. Here you can upload your required documents, register for events, find out about upcoming opportunities, and more.

Why is it called

If you've ever been involved in a Euphorium event, you've probably met Emma McNerney. For over a decade, Emma - Euphorium's Instigator of Good Things - has been communicating and organising every document, detail and fact needed to create amazing community events.However, in 10 years a lot has changed in the documentation and legal requirements to get these things done. While Emma is on maternity leave, our aim is to create enabling systems to liberate her creativity, so that when she returns she can focus on the things she's really good at - instigating more goodness in our big thinking communities - and spend less time doing admin.

What can I do? 

Frequently Asked Questons

How do I sign up?

When you first open Emma-ly, you'll be asked to create your personal profile. This is about YOU, not your business. This email is how you'll log in, and also the email you'll receive notifcations from Emma-ly. 

Next you'll link your business/group, or add it to our database. You can search for your group name and click "add me to this group". Or you can click "add new group" at the bottom, fill out the details and hit submit. 

Your personal email and group's email can be the same, as can the contact number.  

What on earth is a "group"???

A group is your business or organisation. We call these groups to cover all types of "businesses", including solo traders, charities, collectives, community groups, government organisations, large scale businesses and informal groups of humans. 

If you are a part of many different businesses or organisations, you can have multiple Groups attached to your profile. 

How do I edit my group's details?

To edit your group details, including your stall specifications and marketing information, you first need to click the "make me an editor" button under your group on the home page. This grants you access to edit everything from the group name, contact info, social links and logo.

Once you've got access, click the "edit" button. Here you can edit group details, select what kind of products/services you offer, edit your stall specs and upload marketing information. 

How can I get involved in events?

Navigate to the "opportunities" page. Here you'll find upcoming events, activities and opportunities where we're looking for people to get involved in. 

You can search for a specific event, or filter by event type, location or venue. Under each event you'll find a brief description on what we're looking for.

If you see something you wanna be a part of, you can express your interest by clicking the "EOI" (expression of interest) button. Simply fill out why you want to get involved, select your relevant group and hit submit. 

Alternatively, some events (such as markets) will have a "register" button which will take you to an external booking system.

Any EOIs you've submitted will show up at the top of this page, so you can see what you've already put your hand up for. If you've registered for an event, you'll find this info at the bottom of the page. 

I've submitted an EOI for an event. Now what?

Well done! First you'll receive an email from Emma-ly confirming your EOI was successfully submitted. 

All EOIs will be reviewed by the Euphorium team and someone will be in touch if your EOI is accepted, or if we have any questions.

Please note: this EOI feature is still very new and we are constantly improving it, so this process is subject to change!

How do I upload documents like my public liability insurance? 

Navigate to the "documents" page - located at the top of your screen if you're on a computer, or at the bottom on your mobile.

Here you can upload:

Select which document you're uploading, select the file from your computer/phone and choose which group it's associated with (if applicable). If the document expires, please include the expiry date. If there's anything we should know about the document, you can include extra info in the "resource details" text field. 

You do not have to have every single document, and you don't need to upload everything.  If you are a stall holder, you must upload your public liability insurance and a Safety Action Plan.

If you register for one of our events or opportunities, we will let you know what documents we need from you if we don't already have them. 

All uploaded documents will show up at the bottom of that page. 

Why do I have to upload these documents in Emma-ly? Can't I just email them to someone?

We receive THOUSANDS of emails every day (okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but we do receive a lot!) and so your email can easily slip through the cracks.

This not only streamlines the event process, but makes it much easier for you in the long run. How? Well once you've uploaded your documents, you don't have to upload them or send them to us again, unless it expires or needs to be updated.

That means for every event or opportunity you're involved in, you don't have to worry about providing us with your documents as they'll already be there. 

I have to upload images of my products for a market I'm attending, how do I do this?

Please note: The marketing information feature is currently being worked on and is subject to change.

To upload photos and information about your products/services/stall, click the "edit" button under your group on the home page.

Then scroll down to the "marketing information" section and click the "edit" button. Here you can: 

Any marketing copy and images uploaded may be used across Euphorium's social media to help with promoting events. 

What is a hero image? Is it an image of me as a superhero?

If you have an image of you as a superhero, absolutely PLEASE upload that, that sounds amazing.

But no, a hero image is not a pic of you doing some kind of heroic feat. A hero image is a photo that really encapsulates the essence of your group. You know the kind of image we're talking about - those really speccy pics of a stall holder serving customers and everyone is smiling, everything is glowing and it's just really good vibes. 

This can be an image of your stall or business; a photo of your beautiful products; a lovely, definitely not staged photo of you serving customers or running an activity; a group photo of your team - the possibilities are endless! 

I think I've found a bug or an issue / I NEED HELP!!

Emma-ly was only birthed into this world a couple of months ago, so she's still in her infancy. We are constantly working on and improving Emma-ly, but sometimes these changes can break things. 

If you think you've found a bug - such as you've uploaded a document but it's not showing up - please click the "log error or ask question" button. This will send an email to our tech team (which we promise are real humans and not robots) and someone will get back to you.

You can also use this button if you have any questions, need some help or want to complain about Emma-ly. We promise any complaints will be taken very seriously and will definitely not make anyone cry. Okay maybe a little bit of crying, but that's healty.

I can't seem to open Emma-ly?!

If Emma-ly doesn't load for you, this is likely due to a network connectivity issue on your end. 

Here are some suggestions: