Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Euphorium?

You don't know who we are? Ouch!

Can I hire a bar or event team from Euphorium?

We're slowly building up our bar and casual pool. Send an email to letting us know what you need and we’ll see what we can do.

Can I get someone to MC my event? 

Let me guess, you want Julian Canny to MC your [insert event here]. What about the rest of the team, huh? We’re people too!!!! We can also be loud and make “funny” jokes!! 

Okay but seriously, you can email and we’ll see if the big checks is free and willing.  

Can I hire the Studio?

Absolutely! If you click on the 'Studio' link up the top of the page, you can book instantly!

I did some work for Euphorium, how do I get paid? 

Please email your invoice to

I sent Euphorium an invoice but haven’t been paid yet, what do I do?

Oopsies! If it has been longer than two weeks, it may have been missed. Please send a follow up email to (We get lots of invoices from lots of people so sometimes they go unnoticed!) 

Are you guys still doing comedy?

I dunno, is your mum still doing comedy?

What happened to Euphorium's Youth Academy?

They're still around, just not with us anymore! Our incredible youth academy has grown up and is now its own business, Unchained Creative Academy. They're still wonderful, hilarious and doing lots of cool things. Check them out!

I’d like to help Euphorium at events as a volunteer. Where do I sign up? 

Amazing! If you'd like to help at our events, please email and we'll add you to our list!

If I were to bribe the Euphorium team, what cake should I bring in? 

Any cake is fine, however, we do feel strongly about Woolworth’s chocolate mud cake. 

Blue Heelers Bonanza - Christmas Market

(Formerly Geraldton's Christmas Bonanza)

When is Blue Heelers Bonanza - Christmas Market this year?

Sunday November 26 from 10am - 2pm.

Woah, why is it no longer called Christmas Bonanza?!

This year the event will be held at the new and shiny Blue Heelers Square, so we wanted the name to reflect this new chapter of Christmas Bonanza. 

Don't worry, it's still the same event! 

Why is it not at Stow Gardens this year? Are you crazy?!

Maybe a little bit unhinged. But seriously have you seen Blue Heelers Square? It's colourful, it's groovy, it's hip, it's THE place to be, y'know? Give it a go!

How do I get involved as a stall holder/food truck?

Please sign up to Emma-ly (Euphorium's Providers Portal, AKA Emma's brain), follow the prompts and register for the event. 

How much does it cost to have a stall?

Between $55 and $95, depending on your preferred location. 

Can I drive my car to my stall site to setup?

For food vans, yes. For others, no. There's more information on this when you register and in the Important Info email sent on 17/11/2023

Can I choose where my stall will be located? 

Sort of. You can choose the zone, but you'll be allocated a spot in that zone

If you want to be next to another stall (if you run multiple stalls, or are helping someone with theirs) please add a comment when you register. 

Will I have access to power?

No. If you’re a food truck and do need power, please bring your own supplies or get in touch,

Where can I park as a stall holder?

There will be special stall holder parking spots this year! Stay tuned for more info. 

When do I have to donate my raffle items by?

All stalls are required to donate to the value of $30 to the Variety WA Midwest branch's raffles. These need to be delivered to Variety by Friday 17 November 2023. Please check your emails for more info on how to contact Variety!  

Where and when do I setup my stall?

A map will be sent within a week of the event with your stall location and your parking options. Parking will show where to unload, then options for where to move your car to (to make room for customers to park).

When you selected your ticket type, you also chose setup time. This will be re-sent to you in the week before the event.

I've booked a stall but haven't received any information about the event, HELP!?

You may have accidentally opted out of receiving these emails from the ticketing system, or written the wrong address in when registering. Please first check your junk and spam mail inboxes, then contact to let us know if you haven't received anything.

The "Important information" email containing setup times, locations and stall map was emailed out on 17/11/2023.

I have to get public liability insurance, but how do I that? 

One-off market stall insurance is available from a variety of places. Here’s one we found a while ago:

Please note: We don’t hold this ourselves and haven't read the PDA, so please do your research and make sure this is the best option for you!

What in the world is a safety action plan?! 

Paperwork, ugh! But don't worry, it's very easy.

The City of Greater Geraldton requires us to have a safety action plan from each stall holder outlining the potential hazards of your stall and what measures you’ll put in place to minimise the risk. Geraldton is a very windy place so the chances of a gazebo taking off are a lot higher than you think!

The safety action plan has to be updated every 12 months or when your stall setup has changed.

You can see the City's example here and create your own, or use our ready made template found here.

All you have to do is add anything specific to your stall and could be a risk, add your stall name, sign and date it and upload it to Emma-ly. Done!

What if the weather on the day is terrible, what happens?

Blue Heelers Bonanza - Christmas Market will go ahead rain, hail or shine. We suggest keeping an eye on the weather forecast and packing accordingly.

If, however, there is freak weather on the day (ie. a cyclone), the event will be cancelled.

What happens if the event is cancelled?

We will refund you your stall registraton fee and then we can all cry and panic about how we're going to do our Christmas shopping.

What happens if I can't run my stall or food truck and have to pull out?

We're really sorry to hear you can't make it! If you cancel 14 days or more out from the event, we'll give you a full refund. 

If you cancel 7 - 13 days before of the event, you'll get a 50% refund. 

We will not provide refunds if you cancel 6 days before the event. 

Why hasn't my stall been included in the social media marketing?

We have made sure we tag all of the stalls who have registered at least once in the Facebook event.

Stalls who have uploaded photos into their "marketing copy" section of Emma-ly, are also getting a post of their own either within the Facebook event or on the main Euphorium Facebook page.

If you want to try and get yours included, make sure to add your Facebook / Instagram link, some photos and a description into your stall's Emma-ly profile. Time is of the essence though!

Markets and Events

I have my own market stall/food truck. How can I get involved in Euphorium’s upcoming events? 

Have you met Emma-ly?! Emma-ly is Euphorium's new online portal for suppliers, providers, volunteers and partners. Here you can upload your required documents, register for events, find out about upcoming opportunities, and more. Visit the page to find out more and sign up.

I would like to be considered as a workshop facilitator at an event. How do I get involved?

Have you met Emma-ly?! Emma-ly is Euphorium's new online portal for suppliers, providers, volunteers and partners. Here you can upload your required documents, register for events, find out about upcoming opportunities, and more. Visit the page to find out more and sign up.

How do I get EFTPOS?

We recommend getting your own square reader through Square: 

I’m seeking entertainers/food trucks/workshop facilitators for an event I’m running. Can you send me a list with contact details? 

Send us an email,, or message us on Facebook and we’ll try to help you out! 

Blue Heelers Square

I have questions about Blue Heelers Square!

Awesome, we love to hear it. Please visit for more information. Don't forget to check the FAQ page - your question may already have been answered!