Our Creative Team Building workshops are designed for your people and unique challenges

Behind every high achieving organisation is a dedicated team of people busy deploying products and services, working to meet deadlines, providing effective communication internally and externally and searching for time and cost saving solutions.

A cohesive team working together effectively is essential for overall organisational productivity and growth

How can you work towards common goals if you don’t know what strengths and abilities you have in common?

Taking an asset based approach, Euphorium tailors Creative Team Building workshops for organisations large and small for where a creative resolution may be required to reach full potential to continue delivering services for our community and your stakeholders.

Our experienced Euphorium facilitators are adept at creating custom workshops that aid in facilitating co-worker bonding and engagement while targeting teamwork dynamics like communication, trust, and coordination at your required level.

Euphorium is a group of social entrepreneurs invested in designing, developing and delivering creative programs, training, services, systems, resources, festivals and events that empower creative ecosystems. Our Creative Team Building Workshops are designed for the general public, you don’t have to be a Creative to participate and you can feel good about yourself for supporting the people who develop our resources, role play scenarios and present these workshops.

We’re the people you bring in after lunch.

As experts in “play” through years of improvised training, our workshops are co-designed from a library of games, activities and mental challenges that are uniquely suited to the particular participants and workshop space. If you need, we can coordinate the hire of venues that we know are ideally suited for these types of activities (and then you don’t have to clean up!).

We make it our mission to ensure that everyone leaves our workshops better connected and invigorated!

A Euphorium Creative Team Building Workshop will:

  • Stimulate responsive and meaningful communication in teams

  • Facilitate a collaborative and motivated work culture

  • Provide the tools for creative and out-of-the-box resolutions

“ I loved having Euphorium come to our work team building day! They facilitated fun team bonding activities that I really enjoyed. Their facilitation encouraged our staff (especially some who are usually very reserved) to try new things. Would definitely recommend Euphorium if you’re looking for something a little fun and creative for your next team building day.”

- Liz Lockyer

(Mental Health Promotion Coordinator)

Workplace harmony and cohesion is cultural and takes a consistent approach to hold an even keel. Whilst we might only work with your team for one day, we provide the opportunities for team members to experience working together creatively through shared experiences while sneaking in team-building outcomes such as time management, delegation, communication and innovation into the very structure and design of our games so on the day it just feels like awesome fun!

We're happy to talk you through the process of hosting a Euphorium Creative Team Building workshop for your organisation.

Please fill out our General Enquiry form and one of our team members will be in touch soon!

Participants of a Euphorium Creative Team Building workshop have fun working together in this physical challenge


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