Euphorium Youth Academy is a creative, inclusive performing arts school specialising in improvisation.

Improvisation is a collaborative way of creating live spontaneous theatre that often ends up leaving both the audience and performers in tears of laughter. Players create original scenes in the moment, spontaneously discovering ideas, relationships and worlds between them, based on a suggestions from the audience.

Euphorium Youth Academy is not just about teaching performing arts skills and giving young artists the chance to create their own performances. It’s a place where young people gain confidence in themselves through performance, learn to problem solve creatively while having fun.

EYA aims to provide a safe space where young people can perform together. We also understand the importance of improv beyond theatre programs and strongly believe that improv facilitates more creative environments, quicker thinking people and better learners.Here they have the chance to learn performance skills and even write, develop and perform their own works. You don’t need any previous experience and everyone is welcome.

We offer a range of after school programs for young people as well as workshops for schools and organisations. Euphorium Youth Academy also offers a free taster workshop for students try before committing.

Prodigies Improv - Full

Grade 6 - 9 Monday 3:45pm - 5:00pm$110/term + $30 annual registration/insurance fee

Release your inner-whatever you want! Find easy ways to access your imagination, hone your story-telling skills and do it all in a cozy environment with a core ensemble. We work with the basic concepts of improvisation including scene building and characterisation so this class is great if you are just starting off with improv. It’s building confidence and resilience while developing performance skills with good old basic fun!

Young Guns Improv

Grade 10-12 Thursdays 3:45pm - 5:00pm$115/term + $30 annual registration/insurance fee

Picture a world where creative thinking and imagination are embraced. We teach students to collaboratively use characters and themes to play-build, focussing on how to best extend off one another ideas and support each other to create a narrative. In our intermediate and senior improvisation workshops, we also explore different improv forms and genres while learning the ways improvisation can be used to structure dramatic work in collaboration with others through fun and laughter.

What parents have said!

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Family discounts available

2nd member 15% off, 3rd member 50% off, 4th member FREE *

*Excludes $30 annual registration/insurance fee & extra activities. Scholarships & payment plans are also available on request.