Emma McNerney

General Manager

Emma McNerney is the General Manager and co-founder of Euphorium. Emma has a unique background in community development and events. Emma’s is also highly experienced in facilitating programs, governance, leadership coaching and is an expert in being emotionally pragmatic (which in a team of creatives is very useful).

Julian Canny

Business Development

Julian is the team leader and co-founder of Euphorium. Julian’s key focus is working as a consultant for arts organisations around his passion of arts producing and social enterprise, as well as working in business development.

Jody Quadrio

Creative Director

Jody Quadrio is the Creative Director at Euphorium. She focuses on community development, social impact planning and finding creative solutions to community problems.

Sarah Hinton

Account Manager

Sarah is a new resident of Gero or a Geraldton L.I.T (Local in Training). With a long history in Not For Profit governance, arts project management, tourism, marketing and fundraising, Sarah is excited to join the team as an Account Manager. Never one to let an opportunity go by, Sarah will make increased connections in our community for ours and yours continued economic and social development.

Minna Hilton

Associate Producer

Minna is our Associate Producer, she creates on team efficiency based around systems and project management. As our lead on all event coordination and producing work she really knows how to plan events.

Heidi Barker

Creative Assistant

Heidi works mainly with Jody on leading Euphorium creatively. She began improv with Euphorium in 2016 and also has experience in stand-up comedy. She likes food and water and at least one animal (hint: tigers). She hopes to one day achieve the comedic energy that her coworkers radiate daily.

Joel Pearson

Systems Analyst

Joel has a background in circus and is our systems guru (read: IT nerd). He focuses on creating systems, processes and procedures to streamline our work and enhance connectivity. He thrives when doing in depth data analysis and making memes, he's also a great baker!

Rhett Farmer

Workplace Student

Rhett Farmer is an aspiring young performer joining the Euphorium team through Nagle Catholic College's Jumpstart program designed to provide Year 10 students with the opportunity to develop employability skills, help identify suitable career pathways, and provide real world experience. With a background in improvisation and theatre, fifteen year old Rhett has produced and starred in his own solo show 'SpinCycle' at Perth Fringe World. Rhett is looking forward to learning the ins and outs of the creative industries and potential career pathways.