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Try New Things



Try New Things (TNT) is our brand new program aimed at women (18+) of Geraldton who would like to try new things, and meet new people - but don't want to do it on their own. We successfully ran the first round of TNT at the start of this year and are looking forward to rolling out the next few rounds.

This program is really amazing and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to make friends and try something different, out of your comfort zone.
— Round 1 Participant

How does it work? Once a week, this small group of 8 - 12 women will meet up on the dates and times specified to try something new. You won't know what it is until you get there. Location and dress requirements are sent out the day before. One payment at the beginning covers all costs involved. Easy as!

It was nice not knowing what the activity was going to be each week- added an element of surprise. I loved not having to organise or search for activities, just rock up and enjoy!
— Round 1 Participant

What's the point? To have fun and feel comfortable! Trying something new is tricky - especially when the others doing it have been there a while. We are bringing together women who might have never done these things before, to experience it and give it a go for the first time - at the same time. Just for fun! Who knows, you might find your next obsession or best friend while you're at it.

We have currently started round 2 but round 3 will be announced soon!