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The Tor Night Show

The Tor Night Show


Celebrities, music, doughnuts, list... it's The Tor Night Show starring Tor Snyder... 

The only show featuring a collection of live unprecedented conversations with people you might not know, but maybe probably should. 

Tor brings her own unique twist to the traditional format sparing no expense on a shoestring budget. A live variety show inspired by TV’s Late Night Hosts Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brein,  

The dynamic Canadian/Australian comedian has become a staple of the Perth comedy scene, with her own open mic comedy night at the Fremantle Comedy Factory,  regular performances in regional WA, plus venturing to other places such as New Zealand, Canada, and the rest of Australia to be funny. 

Tor discloses that the purpose of the doughnuts this isn’t to sweeten her audience up, it’s mainly just because she loves doughnuts and wants to share her love of them with everyone.

“Doughnuts are freaking delicious! If you don’t like doughnuts don't bother coming to The Tor Night Show, I don’t need that negatively in my life” she says while laughing at herself and eating a doughnut. 

As well as interesting guests appearances, audiences can expect a number of games, comedy acts, music and a seldom experience at every show. Because It's not just any night, it's the TOR NIGHT! 

Please Note: The Tor Night Show is not a gluten free event.

Upcoming shows

Northbridge - Gelo at Piazza Hut Bar

Friday 20 Jan @ 7:30pm

Friday 27 Jan @ 7:30pm

Friday 3 Feb @ 7:30pm

Friday 10 Feb @ 7:30pm

Friday 17 Feb @ 7:30pm

Fremantle - Western Australian Maritime Museum

Saturday 4 Feb @ 9:30pm

Geraldton - Funtavia, Cargo Hold

Saturday 11 Feb @ 9:00pm