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Geraldton Youth Finalist in National Comedy Comp

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Geraldton's own Casey Clark recently performed in front of over 2000 people as part of Melbourne Comedy Festival - Class Clowns 2018 Final.

2018 is the fourth year running that young comedians from Geraldton have travelled interstate to represent WA in the national competition, which goes to show how many talented young comedians are coming out of our region.

Casey, a year 12 student at Geraldton Grammar School, has been doing comedy improv for just over a year and only started script writing 6 weeks prior to her national performance.

“My heart was in my mouth the entire time”, said Debra Clark, Casey’s mother.

“It was an amazing experience being in Melbourne for the International Comedy Festival and Casey had so much encouragement from Euphorium Creative and the Gelo Group”, said Debra.

The Gelo Group in Perth sent over two mentors to support the WA competitors. Casey even had the opportunity to be mentored by international comedian Tessa Waters who happily displayed her support and admiration by posting photos of Casey to her social media channels.

Casey and Debra Clark are very grateful to the organisers of the competition for flying them both over from Geraldton to Melbourne. It is definitely an experience they are unlikely to forget.

“We are so proud to have such a talented young lady representing not only Geraldton but Western Australia as a whole and we can’t wait for the next young Midwest person to represent our region for the fifth year running!” said Ringleader of Euphorium Creative Julian Canny.

Euphorium Creative endeavours to continue supporting local youths in their comical journeys.

If you want to learn more and get involved, please visit the Euphorium Creative website for more details:

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