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Darwin Fringe exposes naked truth about dating

Ever tried to pick up at a Bunnings sausage sizzle? Perth comedian Tor Snyder has and she’ll be revealing all the details in her hilarious show Dating Naked at Darwin Fringe Festival.

Dating Naked exposes the naked truth about Snyder’s dating life and her attempt to figure out why she has been single for what feels like an eternity.

Has she been flirting in all the wrong places? Does she smell? Bad breath? What’s the deal? Snyder hopes by the end of the show, she’ll have stripped down the truth behind dating, baring all her horrific and hilarious experiences trying to find love, or just some physical contact with another human being.

Snyder is a self-confessed tinder troll. She has met many people using tinder both professionally and personally, and says she will go the distance to make a connection.

“Tinder is basically a catalogue of men… and let’s not get carried away, it’s not David Jones, it’s more like K-mart,” said Snyder.

Dating Naked sold out at Fringe World in 2016 and you can expect this year's will be just as popular and hilarious.

Tickets are $17 and available online at Discount tickets available if you’ve seen Tor on Tinder.

Venue & Session Times

Mayfair Gallery – Harriet Place, Darwin

Tuesday 11 July @ 8:45pm
Wednesday 12 July @ 8:45pm
Thursday 13 July @ 8.45pm
Friday 14 July @ 8:45pm


Instagram: @lady_torsnyder