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Tis’ the season to be laughing

Spring Improv Comedy Show-downs Poster.jpg

Local comedians of all ages will be coming out to play this spring season to bring Geraldton three hilarious not to be missed improv comedy show-downs next weekend.

If you haven’t seen live improv comedy in action before this is your chance to see some of Geraldton’s best comedians from The Comedy Emporium take the stage for two unique nights of live comedy in which the plot, characters and dialogue of comedic scenarios are made up in the moment.

The local comedians have been preparing all winter for the Spring Comedy Improv Show-down’s that will take place on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of September at Theatre 8, Geraldton.

The 18+ Adults Troupe will start the laughs off on the Friday night with the Young Guns Troupe (14-17 year old’s) continuing the laughs through to Saturday night.

Saturday afternoon will also mark the first live show for the Prodigies Troupe with comedians as young as 10 years of age taking stage for the show-down.

The Comedy Emporium Ringmistress Jodi Quadrio said, “The weekend is sure to be the best improv comedy weekend Geraldton will see this year”.

“The improv guys have been training hard and of course having a lot of laughs getting ready for the spring season show-downs.”

Jodi said, the show-downs are guaranteed to be like nothing you’ve seen before and the spontaneous nature of improv comedy means you’ll never see the same show or laugh at the same joke twice.

“Often improvisers will take a suggestion from the audience, or draw on some other source of inspiration – this always adds to the fun of the shows” she said.

“The shows are so much more than one liners, imagine whole scenes of hilarity coming together at whim,” she said.

Tickets are available for just $15. There are student and family prices available for the youth show-downs too!

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If you see a show and want to be part of the fun, get in touch with The Comedy Emporium Ringmistress Jody Quadrio at 

Media Contact: Kym Jefferies, email or phone 0437 951 666. High resolution photos are available upon request.