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Looking for a Marketing Wiz Not More Stockphotos

If you hate stock photos as much as us we do then you should consider coming and working with our production team. 

We are looking for a new member of our team to work with us on a regular basis to help communicate better with our patrons and performers. See the below for more info.  



Please send you CV and any other relevant materials to Julian Canny at

Applications will close 15th July. 

July 2016

Position : Marketing Coordinator (Spriuker)

Location : Geraldton, Mandurah OR Metro (remote work required)

Pay Type :Casual

$25 per hour plus Super

Job Description

Creation and administration of The Comedy Emporium Marketing Strategy and Public Relations across all of its projects.

Skills needed to do this project:

  • Team Player with leadership qualities
  • Some knowledge of digital platforms and systems (Google Docs, Squarespace,Eventbrite,Prosperworks,Mailchimp)
  • Basic understanding of marketing automation and CRM database.
  • Must have a basic understanding of media and digital CMS platforms
  • Must have basic understanding or demonstrate knowledge of Marketing Automation
  • Be able to successfully work remotely or without supervision
  • Copywriting
  • Proficient in digital communication
  • Use of creative thinking and initiative where need be
  • Experienced in planning and scheduling around deadline
  • Must have good sense of humour

Key Duties

Spruiker Administration

  • Will answer to Julian Canny (Director)
  • Be available for media contact if required.

Planning and Strategic Duties

  • Will be responsible for the execution and design of TCE marketing schedule across ALL state programs.
  • Will be responsible for the TCE campaign plan and audience development programs.
  • Will lead the implementation of marketing automation and CRM database.

Project Liaison

  • Work with The Comedy Emporium Producers and Coaches to design and promote project.
  • Confirming the project outline and scope opportunities for Marketing
  • ensure deadlines are met and budgets are not exceeded
  • Creation of copy for project or program.
  • Creation and execution of a production promotion schedule



  • Be involved in Strategic planning
  • Liaison with The Comedy Emporium producer and coordinators around creative marketing approaches
  • Coordinate with all artists and communicate information about relevant productions.
  • Work with The Comedy Emporium Producing team to maximise the sustainable return in patron sales.
  • Be the central contact for media for The Comedy Emporium


  • Be available for a once a week meeting with The Comedy Emporium Ringleader and a bi-monthly team meeting

Required Systems or Equipment

  • Computer  with internet access to the following accounts to be set up by The Comedy Emporium

    • Todoist

    • Gmail

    • Google Drive

    • ProsperWorks

    • Eventbrite

    • Dropbox


You will be working with

Julian Canny - Ringleader

Emma Howell - Producer

Jody Qudrio - Coach (Midwest)

Tor Snyder - Bookings and Venue Manager (Metro)

Kellee Aberg - Coach (Peel)

Scarlet Yakovina - Coach (Peel)


Hours Required

Up to 9.0 hours per week

Maximum budget allocated 9.0 hours per week. 

This role is expected to expand in the future.

Additional hours can be allocated to a project such as Funtavia.

Time Frame

( 3 Month Trial )


Start Date Late July 2016