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After school comedy - way better than sports!

After school improv comedy is way better than after school sport! Well, that may not be technically correct, but that’s what The Comedy Emporium in Geraldton are saying.

They say, it’s mostly because it’s super fun, but also because comedy improvisation is a positive, supportive way to explore your creativity while having roaring big laugh while you’re at it.

The Comedy Emporium is now taking sign up’s for season two of its highly popular Youth Improv Comedy Sports Program and are deadly serious about making this season the funniest one yet!

The Comedy Emporium Improv Coach Jody Quadrio takes participants through activities and training which builds skills in creativity, teamwork, self-esteem, humour and performance.

Season two programs will be starting on the 25th July and are designed to run alongside the school terms 3 & 4.

Registrations are open now and new members are also welcome to register midseason.

But is not just kids having all the fun, the 18+ Adults Only Improv Program is also about to commence and is also open for sign up’s now.

“If you're an adult or student and you want to be more confident and act like an idiot to make others laugh. Then you really need to come down” says The Comedy Emporium’s Ringleader Julian Canny.

The youth program offers weekly workshops for kids aged 10-13 years on Monday’s after school and kids aged 14-18 years old on Wednesday’s after school.

“Students have plenty of opportunity to showcase their talents to an audience and build friendships within the troupe,” says Ringmistress Jody Quadrio who leads The Comedy Emporium’s Improv Troupes.

The adults troupe is once a fortnight 7pm to 9pm beginning on Wednesday the 27th of July.

Attendees are taught performance basics like voice projection and stage presence, and the basics of improv- quick thinking, the art of punchlines, and working with other players through different improv games.

If the idea of getting involved with Improv Comedy appeals to you get in touch with the team.

For more information or to sign up click here>

Media Contact: Kym Jefferies, email or phone 0437 951 666. High resolution photos are available upon request.