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Follow Our Team - Emma Howell

NAME: Emma Howell

ROLE IN THE TEAM: Regional Producer / Chaos Coordinator

STARTED WITH TCE: November 2013 (as Room Manager)

TEAM: The Comedy Emporium (behind the scenes) Team

I got involved with The Comedy Emporium when Ringleader Julian asked me to Room Manage, and from there it’s just grown and grown! From room managing to workshopping, venue picking and project plannin, I have worked my way through everything and now find myself trying to help Julian coordinate the chaos and fun that is The Comedy Emporium!

What I do for The Comedy Emporium is really important as it keeps things organised and helps to run all shows smoothly. But mostly because chaos regulating is important, and without it... Julian would never sleep and would have far more grey hairs already.

There isn’t one favourite moment I could pick as being part of The Comedy Emporium team, every show is my favourite moment and workshops are up there too! Getting to see all the hard work and huge amount of effort come together, is what is really awesome. All the hilarious performers, laughs and great atmosphere make it all worth it - plus I'm being paid... what's not to love? It’s so great to see what we do creates so many laughs, good times and sparks a real appreciation and love for home grown comedy. 


I don't think I'll ever "make it" because once I'm there I'll want to do something else... lucky The Comedy Emporium has so many different aspects and every show is different - it keeps me hooked!

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