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Follow Our Team – Jody Quadrio

NAME: Jody Quadrio (Ward)

ROLE IN THE TEAM: Improv Coach / Stand up Comedian / MC 

STARTED WITH TCE: November 2013 (as an Usher ) 

TEAM: Geraldton Comedy Writing Team / Comedy Improv Troupe 

I was first introduced to The Comedy Emporium as an audience member at one of first few shows. I loved it so much I became a volunteer basically meaning that I haven’t had to pay for a ticket since! After volunteering for six months as the annoying girl who hassled you for your email address, handing out the odd ice-cream, cup of tea and jaffle I finally started going to comedy writing workshop. There I discovered people laughed at me and I liked it, so I started performing stand up comedy and doing MC gigs all over Geraldton. Just recently I began teaching improvisation to our youth Improv Troupe.

I love seeing people laughing and enjoying themselves and to be able to bring laughter to others is such an amazing part of stand up comedy. It is something I never saw myself doing but as a mother of two small children I find I have plenty of stories to tell, for me it’s every day life but people actually find it funny. While I love being a mother this is my outlet where I get to let loose my inner child. Teaching the techniques of improvisation and performing it to an audience gives me so much joy. Watching someone whether they are shy or not shine on stage by making a giant fool of themselves, while the audience giggles in fits of hysteria is pretty awesome and I get to give them the tools to do that!

The Comedy Emporium Team is one big group of misfits so we all fit right in. United in a common cause our goal is to bring laughter and happiness to people. Hanging out with these guys is like a comedy show and I never leave a workshop or a show with out a smile on my face. They are my colleagues, my friends, my family and wow this is getting deep… I would have to say my favorite  moment would be performing at Fringe in Perth and a lady telling me I was her favorite, I was in disbelief !


I think you know you have made it when you know who you are and you know that it’s enough. Who am I kidding you know you’ve made it when you live in Seacrest, can afford to up grade your i-Phone every 3 months and can Google yourself and the right picture comes up. No seriously the first one… no wait … why do they make these questionnaires so hard!

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