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Follow Our Team – Christopher Pucillo

NAME: Christopher Terrance Pucillo

ROLE IN THE TEAM: Half Comedian / Half Usher

STARTED WITH TCE: October 2014 as an Usher

TEAM: Geraldton Comedy Writing Team

I got involved with The Comedy Emporium when the lover of the sister of my partners friend invited us to see a performance. At that performance I liked the Facebook page. Some days later I responded to a request for volunteers to help out at the next show. Then due to the rampant banter and aggressive smack talk that I partook in during that show, it was decided that I should do a stand up and so here we are.

What I do for a living is important to me because I do the lords work; installing fiber optic cables to houses for people to get the NBN. But what I do with The Comedy Emporium is important to me because it remains my greatest hope of getting paid for talking crap, and talking crap is better than digging trenches.

My favorite moment at The Comedy Emporium is probably every moment with the gang at workshops, not because of the jovial camaraderie or the snacks, but mostly just because it has afforded me to be there to see the great success of Jackson. M. Canny.


You know when you’ve made it when you have enough money not to have to bother being obliged to anybody. Although I did read a pretty interesting bit of internet waffle the other day which said you should work until you don’t have to introduce yourself which is a pretty good answer.

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