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Adults ONLY Improv Comedy Showdown

Laugh harder than ever, as The Comedy Emporium’s Improv League battle it out in an arena style Showdown.  The Adult Troupe will play for the cup in this battle of skill, fight to the death, improv comedy match on Friday 1 April.

If you’re not quite yet an official grownup, or you’d like to bring someone younger along with you - you’ll get your chance on Saturday 2 April, when The Comedy Emporium will host yet the Young Guns Improv Showdown with their Youth Troupe.


Both shows will be held in The Comedy Emporium’s increasingly suitable, new home at 189 Marine Terrace in the “Octopus House” - or as some old timers might know it; the old Salvo’s building.  What a great (cheap!) opportunity to check out the inside of this old relic if you haven’t already seen it.


At improv comedy Showdowns or Emporium Cups as the veterans call it, teams compete in improv games, acting out scenes using all their performing skills - acting, singing, playing and everything in between - to fight for the ‘EMPORIUM CUP', awarded at the end of the night by "judges" who may or may not award points completely arbitrarily.  Improvised (or 'improv') comedy is quick-witted, live and very much unscripted. Players are given a scene and some instructions and from there anything can (and usually does) happen.  Witness a showdown of performance skillz - yes with a z, imagination and wit.

The Troupes have been training since February, and are accompanied by the ‘old hats’ who improv-ed in 2015.  Coordinated by their Ringmistress, Jody Quadrio, the Troupes practice (laughing) once a week as part of the League. It’s like, an after school/work sport - without the fear of injury.. or exhaustion, but with the promise of sore cheek muscles.



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