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After a decade of building his foundations, Ben Darsow is now fast developing into one of Australia's strongest live standup comedians. Ben presents a disarming and hilarious blend of spontaneous crowd work with cleverly crafted observational material.

He does this with an infectious smile, a cheeky playfulness and an unmistakable joy for the craft.

In 2015 he can be seen throughout Australia, Los Angeles, Vancouver & London.

"I have never seen a comedian on-stage who is more in tune with his audience...his observations are hilarious and in good taste." - 2015 Adelaide Fringe - Fresh 92.7

"..Warms up the crowd with an ease that most comedians could only dream of... has spades of talent." - 2015 Adelaide Fringe - Dirt & Candy

"Gets laughs easy and early." - 2015 Perth Fringeworld -

"Full on belly laughs." - 2015 Perth Fringeworld -

"Laugh-out-loud set." - 2015 Perth Fringeworld - Rotunda Media

"Has wowed audiences across Australia, the US and Canada." - The West Australian - March 2015

"Super-funny." - Jason Rowland, GM Vancouver Comedy Mix - August 2014

For more info you can check out Ben Darsow's website here.