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Rory Lowe is a UK born, Australia raised storyteller who hit the scene at the young age of 19. In 2014 he sold out his debut solo show “I’ve got problems…" Whilst simultaneously performing comedy at Big Day Out Festival with Grammy nominated physc-rockers Tame Impala, who’ve said “Rory Lowe is even funnier than he is insane!”

Lowe has headlined here in WA and his laid back, honest approach to stand up has left audiences “cackling their lungs out” (Rotunda Media, 2014). Currently only 22, the young comic is tearing down milestones at an extraordinary pace. With his most recent show described as “wild, unpredictable and unlike any other show you’ve seen” (The Music, 2015) is hard to know what Lowe’s going to do next, but one things for sure, whatever it is you’ll definitely be laughing. Quotes:

“Rory Lowe is even funnier than he is insane” - TAME IMPALA, 2014 “…Genuinely funny” - THE ADVERTISER, 2015 “Mr. Lowe has perfect legs” - PAUL FOOT, 2015

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