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Sonny Yang

Deadpan Comics Society, Cult Favourite, Infinite Jest, Opened for David Liebe Hart (from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show), Singapore, Burma, Employee of the Month February 2007

Tired of spending the majority of his days confined to a lowly office cubicle and being a slave to "The Man", disgruntled white-collar employee Sonny Yang decided to try his hand at stand-up and has since made his mark on the Perth comedy scene with his signature brand of absurdist deadpan humour - combining dry pomposity and bizarre surrealism to bring you a comedy experience like some others.

 "His combination of deadpan and hyperbole had the audience in stitches form start to finish.” - Rotunda Media, ‘Death Cab for Comedy’, 02/08/2015

"Was exactly what the night needed.” - Rotunda Media, ‘Infinite Jest: 50 First Jokes’, 13/07/2015

"An American comedian" - The Music, David Liebe Hart Australia 2015 Tour, 27/03/2015

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